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Dean Michaels is an American actor and musician based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Most recently, he appeared on camera as The Archangel Michael in the film At Work: The Conversation (2023 COLFF Best Actor Award), and behind the microphone voicing several characters in the animated series Star Spangled Adventures.  He was also featured on multiple streaming networks in We Own This City (HBO), Dopesick (HULU), and Rustin (Netflix).

Dean has studied Communications, Public Relations, Criminal Justice, and Intellectual Property Law with a focus on the entertainment industry. While pursuing these degrees, he continued to develop his acting craft, seeking coaching with industry-veterans for cold-reading, improv, script analysis, auditioning, and on-camera technique. Dean also soaked up the basics of film production as a cameraman for an episodic series focusing on characters from history, where he also assisted in developing scripts and storyboarding. 

Dean is uniquely-positioned to lend a sense of authenticity to any procedural set, having spent over 20 years serving the public in law enforcement, security and executive protection while honing valuable skills in emergency vehicle operation, firearms handling and safety, and martial arts. As a professional musician, he maintains a high level of proficiency in guitar, bass guitar, drums, and audio engineering.


Actor + Acting Coach

"Not only is Dean filled with immense talent and a deep curiosity for his characters, he is a team player - one of the most important attributes in a scene partner and all of filmmaking."


Voice Actor, Demo Producer + Coach

“Dean Michaels is a consummate pro. He's focused, dedicated, and talented. Dean's range is strong, with great real person conversational reads and the ability to quickly pivot to gravitas and authority. Hire him. You'll be glad you did.”


Creative Director, 3dBob Productions

“Dean Michaels is capable of a wide range of voices and has a great instinct for character and story.”

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